Technical References - [listfields]

Lists all the fields in the specified database, SQLResult record set, or SQL table

[listfields Params]Database Tags[/listfields]

To display a list of all the fields in a particular database, put a [listfields] context into a template. You may put a [listfields] context inside the [listdatabases] context to automatically list all the fields in all the databases.

Example :

Fields in database [name]:

[listfields db=[name]]
Fieldname: [fieldname]


To display a list of all fields in an SQL table (after a [SQLconnect] context), specify the SQL connection and database table.

Example :

The "inventory" table has the following fields:
[listfields conn_ref=conn1&table=inventory]
<li>ordinal: [ordinal]</li>
<li>datatype: [datatype]</li>
<li>allownull: [allownull]</li>
<li>width: [width]</li>

To display a list of all fields in a [SQLresult] record set, just include the [listfields] inside of a [SQLresult] context.


[SQLresult result_ref=rs1]
The result set from query "select * from employees;" has [numfields] fields:

<li>ordinal: [ordinal]</li>
<li>datatype: [datatype]</li>
<li>allownull: [allownull]</li>
<li>width: [width]</li>


The following tags are available inside a [listfields] context:

the name of the field.
[index]A number from 1 to the total number of fields, indicating this field's index placement in the list.
The following tags are available when using [listfields] to list SQL fields
[ordinal]Will retrieve the literal position of the current iterated field.
[datatype]Will retrieve the named SQL datatype of the current iterated field.
[allownull]Returns whether or not (T or F) the current iterated field will accept a null value as a possible entry/value.
[width]Will retrieve the maximum length of data the current iterated field will allow.


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