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This Technical Change History provides a reverse chronological list of WebDNA changes. Scroll through the list as needed to view all changes beginning with the current version.

WebDNA 8.5.1

Fixed: [session] fixed on Server version and improved on FastCGI version

WebDNA 8.5

Fixed: we have been working on a heavy loaded server to fix some rare bugs that only appear under high stress. WebDNA 8.5 is the most solid version ever.
Fixed: crash problem with [xmlparse] when the source did not exist
New: full release of BioType implementation for FastCGI only. Specific licensing for BioType service will be available in the store.
New: automatic database encryption; any database with the string
"encrypted" in its name will keep the disk copy encrypted, decrypted in RAM, and re-encrypted when written back to disk. Government-grade encryption.
New: HTTPONLY, MAXAGE and RAW added to [setcookie]. RAW will let you add anything you want to the cookie.
New: [hide][/hide] allows to hide WebDNA output from apache
Fixed: when using [LISTFILES ...] with a file that does not exist, message was "an unknown error occurred". It is now managed by ErrorMessages.db with an entry: FileNotFound Error: File not found '[param1]'
Fixed: [createdate] inside [listfiles] was showing last access time

Deprecated: MySQL is no longer supported by the server version. Oracle is very restrictive about licensing, forcing us to build as many versions as existing OS. Without MySQL, a single version of WebDNA server will run on any linux version. We can still build special "with MysQL" version for customers, for a fee.

02/22/2016 - WebDNA 8.2

Fixed: WebCatalog crashing sometimes after an email was sent, before it had moved the email to the EMailCompleted folder (Debian7/Ubuntu14)
Fixed: small fix for CentOS 7 installer and /tmp
Fixed: [thisurlplusget] was not enabled in 8.1 server. It is imperative to update the module connector too.
New: [JSONstore] can now store a jason object into a table. Was previously a db-only feature
New: New [encrypt] methods (SHA1 and AES GCM, a cipher mode of operation that uses universal hashing over a binary Galois field to provide authenticated encryption)
New: passing an encapsulated variable in an [include]
New: Powerful [middle] features have been added to handle complex text operations
New: OSX server version will no longer need JAVA installed
New: introducing [biotype], a biometric keystroke dynamic system

03/27/2015 - WebDNA 8.1

New: [RealIP] shows the IP without leading 0. [ipaddress] with leading 0 is still requested for comparisons.
New: introducing [regex], a full implementation of grep
New: introducing [break] in all the loop contexts: [founditems], [listwords], [listvariables], [listdatabases], [formvariables], [listfiles], [listchars], [listpath]
New: [CalcCRC32] calculates the CRC32 for a string
New: [switch] now accepts the whole set of comparisons
New: introducing [store]
New: [encrypt] now accepts TwoFish, AES and SHA256
Fixed: not recognising a comma thousands separator in a field as a number
Fixed: enabling "Technical Support Information" can crash WebDNA server
New: Introducing [session]
New: Redesigning the installers for all the versions

01/15/2015 - WebDNA 8.0.3

New: WebDNA now recognizes png files as valid image files when using [fileinfo] to get the imagewidth and imageheight.
New: STARTTLS feature added to WebDNA fastCGI
Fixed: JSONstore tag does not parse when the response contains ampersands: the data past any ampersand is not stored. We now convert ampersands into their hex representation % 26. Use [unurl] after you retrieve the data from the database.
Fixed: WebDNA server with Ubuntu 14.04 appears to duplicates the outgoing emails.
Fixed: In certain situation WebDNAMonitor has excessive memory usage
New: adding a [tcpconnect] timeout
New: [movefolder]
New: [renamefile]
New: [renamefolder]
Fixed: If you leave the "replace" parameter out of a [grep] context, WebDNA crashes.
New: The versions of CentOS 6, CentOS 7, Debian 7, Ubuntu 12 and Ubuntu 14 have now a gdebi or a yum installer that takes care of dependencies. A single line of command does it all.
New: New installers for the FastCGI version of WebDNA
New: New package installer for Yosemite

11/14/2014 - WebDNA 8.0.1

New: The new tag is a "cell" [JSONstore][/JSONstore] that can parse and store multidimensional JSON object into a WebDNA database.
New: OSX WebDNA server now runs in 64bit

04/21/2014 - WebDNA 8

New: TLS SMTP support
Fixed: ReadDateFormat - Was not being updated immediately when changed in admin
Fixed: Various minor bugs in admin
Fixed: Xalan / Xerces updates (XML)
Fixed: SSL libraries
Fixed: Post / Get Variable corruption
Fixed: CRC32 bug
Fixed: Math variable name allowances (underscores and numbers)

WebDNA FastCGI (7.1)

WebDNA 7.1 fixes should be considered as a "light" version of WebDNA 7.0. WebDNA 7.1 will exist for LINUX 32bits, LINUX 64bits, OS X 64bits, Solaris 32bits and FreeBSD 32bits and 64bits. The footprint of WebDNA 7.1 is smaller and the engine is slightly faster than 7.0. It also fixes few old bugs.

Fixed: authentication credentials being reused by other fastcgi queries on Linux in [protect] using lighttpd as webserver (7.1.131)
Fixed: mixing a get request with a form that POSTs data corrupts the posted form data(7.1.131)
Fixed: mod_fcgid creating error "Error: template security preferences do not allow remote access to files with that extension". (7.1.705)
Fixed: mod_fastcgi 2.4.6 and earlier (linux version) stores the Content-Length value in the wrong table and serves it from there. (7.1.702)
Fixed: [math] variables with underscore in their name are not recognized (7.1.699)
Fixed: The SMTP AUTH password remains in the WebDNA interface and cannot be removed (7.1.694)
Fixed: Xerces and Xalan have been unofficially upgraded for use on 64bit OSX (7.0.630)
Fixed: Accelerator certificate not being recognized when there is an hyphen in the domain name. (7.0.627)
Changed: limit of 1,000,000 bytes for the full request headers. Changed to 100MB. (7.0.623)
Fixed: [OSX only] "Error: template security preferences do not allow remote access to files with that extension".FastCGI module was providing the filename to open in PATH_TRANSLATED instead of inside of SCRIPT_FILENAME (7.0.622)
Fixed: removed undocumented comma delimiters inside the [table] context. (7.0.619)
Fixed: [OSX only] semaphore errors. (7.0.618)
Deprecated: MySQL libraries are not linked anymore by this build and MySQL is not supported
Deprecated: WebDNA doesn't need JAVA anymore

11/1/2012 - WebDNA FastCGI (7.1)

- Universal Linux version: (tested on Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 10.10, CentOS 5, Fedora Core 6)
- 64bit OSX (7.1.660)
New: added the new tag [thisurlplusget]

WebDNA FastCGI 7.0

Fixed: Certificate Accelerator validation routine fails out if using a wrong number, and causes the page not reloading.
Fixed: problem for the glibcv3 version
Changed: The 6.2 code always reloaded the db after 100 lines, as a security for users who choose to never commit to disk. Changed to 1,000 lines.
Fixed: the [append] tag was writing to DISK instead of writing to RAM. It now depends on the AutoCommit value in prefs.
Fixed: [formvariables] context bug when using ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data": issue with the processing of multipart post.
Fixed: [sendmail] problem with the FreeBSD version because of a threading problem. Fixed by forcing it to use libpthread instead of libc_r
Fixed: bug when the [math] variable name includes a number like in [math]thetest3=43[/math]
Fixed: triggers now work with unlicensed version
Fixed: the triggers are not properly working
Fixed: [returnraw] - http status codes was not working on all platforms due of Apache 2.0 changes in the API and also the WebDNA module was not accommodating all status codes.
Fixed: [createdate] and [moddate] were being confused on unix machines in both the [listfiles] context and [fileinfo] context.
Fixed: [date format=] was not working on all platforms
Fixed: mysql Windows bug
Fixed: xerces only works in 32bit mode under OSX
Fixed: [setmimeheader] is now working as expected. Example: [setmimeheader name=Content-Type&value=text/xml]
Fixed: [shownext] was not properly working under OSX with apache
Fixed: PATH_TRANSLATED under OSX and Solaris
Fixed: <!--HAS_WEBDNA_TAGS_ENCRYPTED_2--> was not working
Fixed: [setcookie] was not writing anymore to the browser.
Fixed: [redirect] was not working
Fixed: Using GET, like test.dna?thetest=thisisasmalltest was passing only "[thetest]"
Fixed: Some fixes for potential URL volnurabilities.
Fixed: [appendfile file=test.html]More text[/appendfile] was creating an empty file when it should have written "More text".
Fixed: [writefile file=test.html]Some text[/writefile] was creating an empty file when it should have written "Some text".
Fixed: [OS X only] [ipaddress] not working
Fixed: [OS X only] [referrer] was showing "FastCGI"
Fixed: the delete command could delete items in a database, even when it is not allowed as a (URL) command.
Fixed: Introducing an URL variable name using a context name was producing strange results. The ?text= bug is now checking for known contexts, and if it is not a known context, it does the appropriate thing. For example, the variable setting via GET is working, but the ?text= is blocked

5/15/2011 - WebDNA FastCGI beta

- process isolation
- alternative WebServer possibilites
- domain-based licensing system
New: SMTP auth enable with [sendmail]
New: /WebCatalog folder eliminated
New: config file is now webdna.ini
New: [isaccelerated] tag returns "T" or "F"
New: [islicensed] returns "T" or "F". If the Certificate Accelerator matches the domain, we will get a "T", otherwise, we get a "F" and WebDNA will run as freeware. Locally ( or "localhost"), WebDNA will always run in accelerated mode
New: solid blowfish option for [encrypt]
New: xalan and xerces are now integrated into the binary
New: [thishost] shows the server name WebDNA is running on
New: [listallcontexts] shows a list of all reserved context names
New: [thisport] shows the port number of the server WebDNA is running on.
New: added the new tag [thirurlplusget]
[thisurl] tag includes the variables:
and [thirurlplusget] tag includes the values:
Deprecated: [applescript]
Eliminated: phone home system
Eliminated: the URL command system
Eliminated: sandboxes and "global"
Eliminated: old licensing system (domain limits, versions...)
Note: eCommerce Tags from 6.x version not supported anymore, although they have not been deprecated.

WebDNA Server 6.2 (CICADA) Engine Bug list

5/15/2009 - WebDNA 6.2 (cn:"CICADA") Product Release.

- 64 and 32 bit universal installer
- compatibility with 2009 / 2010 era linux and Mac OS's


WebDNA Software Corporation has purchased the intellectual property that is the programming language "WebDNA". "CICADA" (6.1 official release is in process)


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